3/26 PillBox Hike at Lanikai! Amazing View and the Walking Bird! xD - lanikai-beach.net

Hiking with Miku on one of the Pillbox Hike in Hawaii! On top, we could discover the astonishing scenery of Lanikai Beach! We found a random mystery bird as we hike to the top, but he seems like he was waiting for us until we leave the Pillbox. What do you think he was doing […]

Lanikai Beach 2014 Part1 in Hawaii (GoProHero3) - lanikai-beach.net

2014年ハワイオアフ島ラニカイの一番奥から、ラニカイビーチ小径から 双子の島の正面へ。エメラルドグリーンに輝く天国のビーチ。 実際に観ると感嘆の声をあげずにはいられない 全米一位のビーチのPart1をご堪能下さい(^O^)

Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Hawaii - lanikai-beach.net

Walking along the silk white sand of Laniaki beach in Kailua, Hawaii with a Hawaiian local Friend. It is local’s favorite family beach. Wave is gentle, and the water is warm all year long. Please download the app and follow me to find more places I recommend in Hawaii. https://www.dogeartravel.com?invitedby=5934feaebd8216257b7966c7