LANIKAI BEACH HD “Waydes World Hawaii” -

“CHILD FRIENDLY” We headed to today, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in but the …When you dream of that perfect POSTCARD beach, that’s Lanikai beach! It’s Heaven here and Ohana as well as hip crowds and dogs are in love with this beach and all the romance that this beach reps. Plenty of sunshine here and if you keep walking to the end before the beach ends and the ocean starts you will be all alone with palm trees around you. The water is perfect in its shades of green and blues, its temps of between 75-80 degrees are to dream for. This beach is what Hawaii is all about, when you leave paradise this is the beach you will remember Hawaii for. This is a must see…to miss this beach on your vacation would be a crime for any beach lover. This is a residential area so watch where you park, the place I tell you to park in the video is becoming more and more crowded and people are being ticketed…also watch where you access the beach down the access ways. Most are easy to find.

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