Mauna Loa Volcano Update, Magma at 2 Miles Depth, Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake -

At the present, magma is at a mere depth of 2 miles underneath Mauna Loa. And, On October 14th, the flank of this volcano produced two moderate magnitude earthquakes, the largest of which was a magnitude 5.0. So, does this mean that Mauna Loa is about to erupt? Why did these earthquakes occur? This will answer these two questions and give update on the Mauna Loa volcano.

A special thanks to Two Pineapples for granting me permission to use his footage. He regularly livestreams Kilauea’s eruptions via his channel at (channel link). Go check him out!

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Two Pineapples, Screenshotted image from a clip from the channel (channel link), Used with Permission

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1:33 3 Types of Mauna Loa Earthquakes
1:39 Volcano Tectonic Earthquakes
1:58 Flexural Earthquakes
2:25 Decollement Earthquakes
2:49 Analysis
3:28 Conclusion

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