Hawaiian Volcano Update: Maunaloa and Kīlauea Both Filling Underground, November 10, 2022 - lanikai-beach.net

On Maunaloa, the overall pattern is unchanged from last week. Elevated earthquake levels of 40-50 per day and GPS ground deformation continue, suggesting the deeper magma input continues to fill the volcano from below according to the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. “Shallower magma input (less than 2 miles, 3 km) was likely responsible for inflation recorded on the summit tiltmeter during the last two weeks of September.” Also repeated recent updates, “tiltmeters at the summit are not showing significant surface deformation over the past week. “ The largest earthquakes was a M3.6 northwest of the summit on November 9th.

On Kīlauea, the summit eruption continues but without much volume gained, and without as much gas emitted. Even with lower gas, vog remains the primary eruptive hazard for downwind communities. Lava viewing has remained good for visitors to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, with minor surface changes such as a new glowing pit providing a variety of experiences. However, minor changes monitoring signals suggest magma continues to accumulate within Kīlauea, even if not much is reaching the surface, and occupy the upper rift zones. This pattern is not a significant change, but part of the ongoing evolution of Kīlauea’s magmatic system, with no increased threat to people.

As usual, we review the changes through imagery, reports and monitoring data courtesy of the USGS-HVO, discuss live viewer questions, and annotate the presentation on-screen as we go.

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