Geminid meteor shower 24/7 Live from Maunakea, Hawaii ふたご座流星群2022、星空ライブ、ハワイ・マウナケアの国立天文台すばる望遠鏡から -

Star chart :

The Subaru- Asahi Star Camera
This live stream is from Subaru Telescope , Maunakea Hawaii , and brought to you by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper. Please subscribe !! この配信は、国立天文台と朝日新聞がお送りしています。ぜひ高評価とチャンネル登録をお願いいたします。

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Today's highlight

Q: What the orange laser?
A: The laser is used to create an artificial star to use for adaptive optics.
Q: レーザービームが出てますけど?

CAUTION: We wish the chat to be a place where people can have fun by admiring the beauty of the stars and the sky, exchanging astronomical information. There are no restrictions on the content of conversations, comments that are offensive to public order and morals, slander, sarcasm, and abusive language shall be prohibited. We would also appreciate it if you would avoid making political/religious statements here.

マウナケアってどんなところ? なぜ朝日新聞がカメラを置いているの?

Camera and are provided by Sony. ソニーマーケティング提供

UTUBE Administrator 宇宙部管理人 : M HIGASHIYAMA =
Member : Shiori OGAWA =
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