The Recent Submarine Volcanic Eruption of Mauna Loa -

Eruptions from Mauna Loa have not always occurred the Big Island. As, in historic time, a submarine eruption nearly caused a disaster which was averted by quick thinking of a ship captain. Upon further analysis, this submarine eruption of Mauna Loa which was witnessed was not an isolated event, as at least half a dozen such below sea level eruptions have occurred in the same general area in the last 100,000 years.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: NSF and NOAA, NOAA Photo Library, Public Domain, This image was then overlaid with text in addition to GeologyHub made graphics (the image border).

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[1] U.S. Geological Survey
[2] Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
[3] U.S. Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory article which this video directly quoted from:

0:00 Mauna Loa's Eruption
1:08 1877 Submarine Eruption
2:41 Prehistoric Submarine Vents
3:29 Other Submarine Eruptions
4:04 Conclusion

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