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The rally to protect Maunakea has opened doors to an important and unforgettable moment in Hawai’i’s history, and the time to act is NOW.

Maunakea has already brought so many people together in a never-before-seen way that results in truly amazing happening day and night. The best part is that we’re just seeing the beginning – the impacts of these life-changing moments, connections, organization, participation and perseverance will continue to build upon themselves to bring about something even better.

At this point in the journey, nothing is more important than continuing to come together as the mauna would want us to. To strengthen the message of respect for, and harmony with, the land we all share, we’re asking the world to save the date for SUN, AUG 11 @ 11AM HST when a worldwide jam will take place for Maunakea and all she represents.

We want you to be a part of this! Below are 2 ways to contribute and join us in making history.

1) TUNE IN & SHARE: Set your alarm and mark your calendar to be come 8/11/19 (11am Hawaiʻi time) to click on any of the pages linked below (all pages listed here are partnering in the same mission) to enjoy the video & share!

– https://www.facebook.com/Puuhuluhulu
– https://www.facebook.com/Kanaeokana
– https://www.facebook.com/ManaMaoliCollective

Better yet, if you might also rise up to…

2) ACCEPT THE ‘JAM 4 MAUNAKEA’ CHALLENGE: Go live on Facebook or Instagram, singing and/or jamming WITH and FOR Mauna Kea with the rest of the world – whether solo, or with friends and ʻohana as part of a gathering or flash mob in your community that you or others plan.

The video above is the same key, tempo and arrangement as what youʻd and jam along to at 11a on AUG 11, so you can also pre-record by singing/jamming along to this video, and posting it when others go live.

Click here for additional details: https://www.facebook.com/ManaMaoliCollective/videos/858641697843016/?__xts__[0]=68.ARBd1SfvCF7rOcKTgFO4Rr4e0NHq48QKT4L2M1YbLjgj0u4NKkeLeiJXMJOdCeZm-8F5RGiPdaBBpuoXzTDw_9oOGegYkhcwoXBEOTE01vocOvZ2kO7Ea86WS4vIX5EggaNsXD2kyeLpMghiMSm46TrOSU1sEoocUY5_BP2mmSe7oKZaq8Bxd08yZ9sEkuHXbMyesdE8w2DUj_UUZPc-S15EQeCkrH_yN1uo9o58NZJD1GasxOLb47EayZrbF_VngdZG_oh8fYvVxbkmEPG1FAZ1wzMZU3hysvpckbwk3mVgQDoMIJrBSE0yb4X3QwiNhHaMegClb96BYmnJpCCUahs-nhRKtFMB&__tn__=-R

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