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Across the globe, those who stand with sang and jammed the same medley, at the same time on August 11, 2019 at 11:11am HST.

The intergenerational Hawaii tradition of “Backyard Kanikapila” is not just a session. Itʻs a time & space where relationships are fostered, creativity flows, and stories are preserved.

This is our TIME. Our BACKYARD. Our RELATIONS. Our STORY. Our PEOPLE. No matter who or where you are, NOW is the time to step up and stand with Mauna Kea. Better yet, sing and jam, with and for Mauna Kea – #EKanikapilaKākou!
Weʻve teamed up with event host Pu’uhonua o Pu’uhuluhulu Maunakea, Protect Mauna Kea, Oiwi TV, Kanaeokana, Playing For Change and dozens of our Mana Maoli Collective artists local and abroad, to bring you this unified Premiere.

Those who rise to accept the #Jam4MaunaKea #Challenge played this video on 1 device, while going live on another, singing or jamming along.

For practice video, lyrics, chords & other details, visit www.puuhuluhulu.com/jam4maunakea.. Surf the rest of this website to learn more about this issue, and how you can support.

Under #KapuAloha, letʻs send a strong message that we love both science & culture, but the mauna must be protected, the voices of the #MaunaMajority must be heard, and no further desecration of sacred sites will be tolerated, til the last #AlohaʻĀina!

Those who jammed with us from the mauna:
Lorna Lim Kaumakaiwa Kanakaole Hāwane Rios STARR kalahiki Pō & the 4Fathers Kamakakehau Fernandez Wailau Ryder Emma Coloma-Nakano Snowbird Bento Pomaika’i Lyman Joshua Lanakila Mangauil Mele Apana Productions Pomai Bertlemann and many many more!

#Jam4Maunakea #MeleKiaʻiMauna #EKanikapilaKākou
#MaunaMajority #MaunaMele #ProtectMaunakea #MaunaOverMoney

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