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A to start the day, how about that? In , Hawaii’s capital, that’s also possible. is among the top things to do in Hawaii, as the hike is relatively easy, the views are amazing, there’s the historical fact (former military use), and, come on… it’s a volcano! Diamond Head is very close to Waikiki, probably the most touristy area in Honolulu and Oahu. So we then continue the day in Waikiki with a nice breakfast, beach time, some malasadas (also known as Portuguese donuts), and the most amazing sunset we saw on the entire trip. 😍 🌋

This series in Hawaii is just in the beginning. This is episode 2! All videos in Hawaii will be in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04CFAAIJyGA&list=PLUt18OGs5Ho7LKYPgEoSO8NxYnvexA-qB – Save it for later ❤️
🚩 This trip to Hawaii was in 2020, just before the pandemic.

The original video is in English, this is an automatic translation to help you watch in your own language. There are subtitles as well, you can activate them by typing C (desktop) or clicking the video, then at CC at the top of the screen (mobile).

This video is in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital. Honolulu is the westernmost and southernmost major U.S. city, home to almost 1 million people in the metro area.

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Waikiki, Honolulu | Oahu, Hawaii – travel 2
00:00 – Preview of the vlog
00:58 – Diamond Head hike
07:19 – Breakfast
08:25 – Waikiki beach
09:01 – Malasadas
10:31 – Waikiki sunset
11:15 – Preparations for a Hula show

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I am a Brazilian journalist living in the United States. After traveling the world working with sports, news, and events for over 15 years, I realized that what I really love is the travel part of it all. So I exchanged life in the newsrooms and stadiums for the daily challenge of being an independent content producer. I created this channel to share the beauties of the world… stuff that for so long I only kept to myself. Also to help people planning similar trips and to inspire more people to venture out and enjoy life!

P.S.: The funny guy who appears in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and he’s actually camera-shy, that’s why he’s behind the camera most of the time 😉

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