Mauna Loa, The World’s Biggest Volcano, Is Waking Up And It’s Time To Prep For An Eruption -


#MaunaLoa, #TheWorldsBiggestVolcano, Is Waking Up And It’s Time To Prep For An #Eruption
#Hawaiisbiggestisland say that while an eruption of the #volcano that dominates the landscape isn’t yet imminent, Mauna Loa’s long nap be coming to an end.
The #BigIsland of #Hawaii is really a collection of #fivevolcanoes poking out of the #PacificOcean, including one of the world’s #mostactive – #Kilauea – and the #worldlargestMaunaLoa
Kilauea has been in the throes of a fiery, dramatic and sometimes destructive eruptive period for decades now. And while the smaller shield volcano on Mauna Loa’s eastern slope garners international attention for its tantrums, its big sibling has been slumbering since it last erupted in 1984
In other words, Mauna Loa is slowly #wakingup.
While #scientists emphasize that an eruption isn’t necessarily going to #happentoday or #tomorrow, this week the HVO put out a release urging that “now is the time to revisit personal eruption plans.”
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