This color, silent movie film shows views of post-war Hawaii. It apparently contains both professionally and amateur shot footage — the professional material coming from a movie sold to tourists in this era. The amateur footage was filmed in 1947 by a tourist named Thornton.

Opening: A crowd of people wave; a quick cut to what looks like the Bay Bridge near Oakland and San Francisco, CA (:08). Hawaiian Islands as seen from a ship, probably Matson Line’s SS Matsonia or the SS Lurline, both of which offered service to Hawaii in this era; other smaller boats on the water (:15). Locals swim in the Pacific Ocean, possibly hoping that a coin might be tossed from the ship (:47), as the iconic Aloha Tower is shown (:55). Pro shot footage of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, swaying palm trees in the breeze, people in the water near the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (:58). A man and a little girl on a white sandy beach; people play in the water and on the sand with Diamond Head visible in the b/g (1:37). At 1:44, a different area. At 1:56, Hawaiian or Japanese American girls play. People eat at a picnic table; women play with a beach ball (2:05). Ducks in the water (2:12). Driving close to the edge of the road with a crashing tide below (2:22). Rare footage of a Hawaiian railroad pulling passenger cars (2:34). People wait in a train car (2:40). Shot of Pearl Harbor from a moving train. A waterfall (2:50). Panoramic view of Honolulu from a lookout (3:08). Two women look at the camera (3:28). and green grass (3:34). People snorkel and swim in the water; boys on the beach; children climb a coconut tree (3:51). A child rips open a coconut; a woman drinks coconut juice (4:20). Royal Hawaiian Hotel. A couple walks near the surf (4:54). Moana Hotel (5:17). Palm trees and mountains (5:20). People in the water, a Hawaiian family runs by the camera (5:44). High, heavy brush, a woman walks in it and touches plants (6:13). Ocean near a secluded beach (6:33). A beautiful sunset on the water (7:11). People walk over a bridge (7:47). Modest homes; a bustling downtown area (7:58). A quiet beach (8:12). Zoo behind a cage including flamingos, a bald eagle, tortoises, a kangaroo (8:23). A couple exit a door; a mother and two children run and jump into the swimming pool; a man runs and jumps over people into the pool (10:00). Racquet Club (10:03). People swim in the pool (10:36). Flying over Honolulu, Oahu – Diamond Head, an ancient volcanic crater, been extinct for around 150,000 years—fortunately, as the massive crater looms over Waikiki; flying over Hawaii (10:57). A couple pose, the woman walks near flowers (11:35). A waterfall; people watch it (11:53). Flying over the Hawaiian coastline (12:17). People on an outrigger in the water (12:49). Women put leis on people (12:59). People on a cruise ship wear leis (13:26). Water behind the ocean liner as it sets sail for the mainland (13:55). People relax and play shuffleboard on the ocean liner (14:13). Ocean liner docked in Los Angeles at Matson’s terminal in Long Beach (14:29).

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This film is of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com

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