In this Video we take a Hike at Diamond Head State Monument- Honolulu, HI 96815
Diamond Head, , is the most iconic volcanic formation in all of Hawai‘i. Soaring high above Waikīkī, it serves as a backdrop to Honolulu’s skyline, Diamond Head was a site of reverence and worship., as a military bunker, and as a hiking trail for enthusiasts
Diamond Head is not a volcano on its own; rather, it is a crater of the Koʻolau Volcano.
The Diamond Head Summit Trail is approx. 1.6 miles roundtrip, climbing 560 vertical feet from the crater floor to the overlook. While it’s less than a mile to the top, the elevation gain can challenging for some, especially on hot days. But don’t let discourage you. The path to the summit is paved the entire way, and the steepest portions have stairs, make climbing straightforward and safe. There are also benches and lookouts along the way where you can rest. The average person will take about 45 minutes to reach the top, and about 30 minutes to descend back down.

Next we go to UDON 2310 Kūhiō Ave. #124, Honolulu, HI 96815

Udon provides hand crafted udon bowls, tempura, katsu sandos and beverages from a theater kitchen, allowing guests to watch as food is prepared. This is a famous spot here in Waikki for tourists and locals. And it was amazing to see udon prepared in front fo you live coz you can almost taste what you see. Udon is a thick chewy noodle made from wheat flour, can prepared on the side or as noodle soup like Ramen.

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Website and information for DIAMIND HEAD STATE is in the link in the description box below

Diamond Head State Monument

Website and Menu for UDON- HONOLULU is in the link in the description box below

Website: https://www.marugameudon.com/

Menu: https://premierrestaurantalliance.olo.com/menu/-waikiki/

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