This Week in Volcanoes; Glacier Peak Update, Mauna Loa Earthquake Swarm -

Right now, there are 51 volcanoes actively erupting on the planet. This week's top story regards the Glacier Peak volcano Washington State, which the US Geological Survey does not think is sufficiently monitored. Meanwhile, at Mauna Loa, a series of earthquakes occurred on its edifice due to the movement of magma. Also, at volcanoes such as Taal and Ebeko, short lived phreatic eruptions occurred. This video will discuss these volcano related news stories, as told and analyzed by a volcanologist.

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Graphics of eruption dates are courtesy of the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institute.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Terje Sørgjerd, Wikipedia, CC BY SA 3.0

0:00 51 Volcanoes are Erupting
0:28 Overview of this Week's top News
0:50 4 New Volcanic Eruptions in Asia
1:45 Mount St. Helens Earthquakes
2:51 Three Sisters Magma Intrusion
3:52 Full list of Erupting Volcanoes

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