A Wake for Green Lake (Kalua Wai a Pele) – lanikai-beach

A for , a . I woke up this morning to the news that Tutu had evaporated every last drop of beloved ‘ Lake’ and inundated it with Her new Aina. So I wrote this song, recorded before noon…One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Aloha O’e Kalua Wai a Pele, with Love, Millicent Cummings 6-3-18 The lyrics:

Deep in the rain forest ran a fiery vein of gold
A jewel that Tutu Pele stored with mysteries untold
A place that is so sacred, a bath for the soul
For those who dare stand naked in the cold
Kalua Wai A Pele I love you so
Kailua Wai A Pele Aloha O’e
Deep in my deepest heart I keep all my beloved ones
For people, places, principles and animals my love cannot be undone
But death is part of life and with this death has come
Tutu Pele has created a new place under the sun
Covered in lava, buried in the ash
Reminding us all that yes, no thing ever lasts
But that which we carry..No not even on our backs
It’s time to travel lighter or fall into the past
Kalua Wai A Pele I love you so
Kailua Wai A Pele Aloha O’e

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