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I am very honored to be able to play the ʻUkulele at the this year.

I wish my other friends in Japan could come to Hawaii and sing and play the ʻUkulele along with me. Hopefully, someday soon, we can play together.

Thank you for bringing me to Hawaiʻi. If I wasn’t chosen as the one of the finalists, I wouldn’t be here. ʻUkulele brought me here in Hawaiʻi, too.

I feel real nature and the true aloha spirit here in Hawaiʻi.

And I never stop playing the Hawaiian songs even in Japan, too.
Hawaiian songs are not only my favorite music in the world, but they also heal me and cleanse me. It’s a therapy for me to sing them and playing the ʻUkulele.

I think that way, because, the songs are praising people and the place which Hawaiian people love and protect. So, the “mana” as in Hawaiian, is inside the Hawaiian song itself and we may feel it, too.

The love sung for the land, love for the people, being respectful for unseen spirit, that’s all Hawaiian people have been nurturing in their lands. We have those soft and gentle feeling towards land and others, when we are young. But we tend to forget all the good things in a busy world. Hawaiian songs bring me back into my heart with full of love and bring them back in to the present into life.

I’m so grateful that I had opportunity to know Hawaiian songs in my life.
Although I am not Hawaiian, I feel like I want to be part of the love, aloha spirit which Hawaiian song has.
For many people, Hawaiian songs are part of their lives. I’m one of those people,

I thank my Father and Mother, Friends, Crews and Specters who supported me.
I want to thank Hawaiian artists who descended such a precious stories, memories, and moments, love, aloha spirit, in Hawaii which make my life go forward every day.

Thank you for the first Na Mele Award….

I’ll keep studying more Hawaiian music.
And hoping this ‘ukulele brings more aloha around the world.

Mahalo nui loa.

Music: ” ‘Ōlena” written by James “Kalei” Kaholokula Sr,.

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