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http://waydesworldhawaii.com “CHILD FRIENDLY” We headed to Park today, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in but the …It has everything you could want in a beach and is great for families. Plenty of sunny and shady places for the family to have a BBQ or picnic. The water is perfect in its shades of green and blues, its temps of between 75-80 degrees are to dream for. This beach sometimes had pretty good winds and that is why Windsurfers call this beach home. When the winds are picking up you will have some decent waves to have fun with. If there is no wind there will be very little waves. Perfect either way! beach is a must see so plan on spending a half day here and dont forget to pack a lunch or picnic. If you are feeling lazy just stop at the “KALAPAWAI MARKET” it’s a GREEN building, you cant miss it. It’s right before you enter the Beach Park road next to it. You will find everything you will need for a killer picnic. They have a great sandwich and a deli area in the back as well as chips, drinks, ice cream and all things BEACH!

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