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Thank you for watching the channel!!! Feel free to listen, share and stream on your favorite places! Subscribe to our channel and enjoy the latest release!!! We hope our music can give you some space to stay optimistic in life. Release any negative thoughts and just relax to keep creating! From now on, your life […]

Ukulele Mele Lesson | America the Beautiful | F-4 chords with Pick in 4 Strum - lanikai-beach.net

Mele Fong teaches how to play the patriotic song America the Beautiful. Learn how to form on and off-base ukulele chords in the key of F with 4-chords, and how to strum the unique Pick in 4 Strum. See images of the ukulele chords on the video as you watch close-up views of Mele’s fingers […]

ザ・ハワイアン・ウエディング・ソング/The Hawaiian Wedding Song【ウクレレアンサンブル・シンプルバージョン】※ハワイアン【Hawaiian】 - lanikai-beach.net

UKUIKEウクレレ教室 レッスン課題曲 ◆リンクページ https://ukuike.net ##ukuleleensemble

【作業用BGM】落ち着くウクレレ(Ahe Lau Makani) Relaxing ukulele music Hawaiian - lanikai-beach.net

さかしんです。 今回はハワイアンの楽曲【Ahe Lau Makani】を演奏して見ました。 Ahe Lau Makaniは「心地よい優しい風」という意味があるハワイ語です。 動画は1時間ありますので、お好きに聴いていただけると嬉しいです。 My name is Sakashin. This time I played a Hawaiian song [Ahe Lau Makani]. Ahe Lau Makani is a Hawaiian word that means “pleasant gentle breeze. It is an hour long, so I hope you can listen to it if you like.

HAWAIIAN MUSIC/Stress relief by music/Ukulele/하와이안음악/듣기만해도스트레스풀리는/우쿨레레/ハワイアンミュージック - lanikai-beach.net

요새 너무 더워서 어디론가 훌쩍 떠나고 싶은 마음 뿐인데요~ 특히 제일 가고 싶은 곳은 하와이!하와이안풍의 우쿠렐레 음악들으면서 힐링타임🥰 This video was created with the purpose of alleviating stress by combining the cool ukulele music with the cool background of Hawaii. 하와이의 절경과 듣기만해도 스트레스가 풀리는 청량한 우쿨레레 음악입니다^^ ハワイの絶景と聞くだけでストレスが解ける清涼なオクルレレ音楽です。 #하와이안음악#카페음악#릴랙스#힐링#하와이영상

Story Behind the Song | America the Beautiful | by Ukulele Mele - lanikai-beach.net

Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele tells the story behind the patriotic song America the Beautiful. The song was adapted from a poem written by New Englander Katherine Lee Bates, who in 1893 was inspired when she traveled to the top of Pikes Peak, Colorado, and saw for the first time the glories of the American […]

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Get the Ukulele Club Multimedia Resource here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ukulele-Club-Multimedia-Resource-6496685. Learn to play and teach the ukulele with this complete learning media package (Text, Audio, and Video). The Ukulele Club is a for ukulele fans, music educators, and students everywhere. Please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE our videos to help support the Ukulele and Music Education. Kalani’s Official Site: […]

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MATTHEW QUILLIAM’S HAWAIIAN PARTY See more and book here: https://matthewquilliam.co.uk/acts/hawaii/ Bring your summer to life with a wide range of upbeat authentic Hawaiian songs and covers done in Hawaiian style for your workplace, pub or private parties! Get your crowd dancing along to irresistible rhythms whilst they are transported to the tropical beaches of the […]

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🌴ハワイから夢と希望をお届けします🌴Sending dreams and hopes from HAWAII🌴 PR::: 🌴🤙ALOHA🤙🌴千葉deハワイ気分♪♪♪海近-民泊とキャンプ場♪♪♪ 詳細は下記サイトを見て下さい-🌺Mahalo🌺- ———————————— 🌴ハワイアンコテージヴィラ白子 (海水浴場😄温泉・テニス場-徒歩圏内)🌴 *🌈予約申し込みは⏩ https://www.nap-camp.com/chiba/14279 *🌈民泊とキャンプ場の様子はYouTubeで⏩ https://youtu.be/o0g-952IWQE ———————————— 🌴南房総オーシャンフロントヴィラ岩船 (真下が海-海辺遊び魚釣😄小供に大人気)🌴 *🌈予約申し込みは⏩ https://www.nap-camp.com/chiba/14133 *🌈民泊とキャンプ場の様子はYouTubeで⏩ https://youtu.be/2xpGh7wL8jY ———————————— 🌴アメリカントレラーヴィラ一宮🌴(サーフオリンピック会場😄お洒落なカフェ近) https://www.nap-camp.com/chiba/14134 ———————————-

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