Beginner Ukulele Mele Lesson | Jamaica Farewell | G, C & D7 chords with Latin Strum (revised) -

Mele Fong teaches how to play an easy 3-chord song for beginning ukulele players – Jamaica Farewell. Learn how to form home base chords of G and C, how to form off base chord of D7, and how to strum the unique Latin Strum. In this revised video, see images of the ukulele chords on […]

Kayaking Tour to Flat Island & Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Oahu, 5-27-2023 -

This week, I took my nieces’ family of 4 to Flat Island (across the Kailua Beach) and Lanikai Beach. It’s probably my 5th time to the Island and it’s been always fun. Weather turned out to be near perfect with some breeze and temperatures at 80s F. Luckily, they spotted a few nests of shearwater […]