Bright Hawaiian Day Cafe Music – Aloha Ukulele Instrumental Music to Work, Focus, Study -

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Lanikai Beach, Oahu #Shorts -

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Relaxetube, Relax music, sleep music, yoga music, healing music -

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Instrumental Hawaiian Music 🎵 Enstrümental Hawaiii Müziği -

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Royal Hawaiian Hotel (The Pink Palace of the Pacific) | Hawaiian Music by Ukulele Mele -

Mele Fong & her husband Richard Tom – The Hawaiian Serenaders – sing and play Royal Hawaiian Hotel on ‘ukulele and u-bass over photos about the hotel dubbed the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.” Plus, Rich tells the translation and plays a u-bass solo (words below). #playuke #ukulelemusic #Hawaiianmusic Mele’s arrangement of Royal Hawaiian Hotel […]