How to get to lanikai beach

The most beautiful in the United States

About Beach

Lanikai Beach has been elected be one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, and is a spectacular beach representative of Hawaii.

In Hawaiian, “lani” is the heaven, the “kai”. This is the reason why even called the heavenly sea.

The landscape around Lanikai beach is also wonderful, and you will be stolen by the time you reach beach. Luxury residential areas stand on both sides of the road along the beach.

In addition, trekking the Lanikai Trail to the top of a hillside near the coast, you can overlook Kailua Beach – Lanikai Beach, Mokulua Island on two islands and more.

How to get to Lanikai Beach


The way to by bus

Though regrettable, Buss who can go to Kailua Beach from waikiki or Lanikai Beach by direct communication does not have.
And from Waikiki, a 2 times change is required.

Ala Moana center course

Ala Moana Center goes from Waikiki to Ala Moana. No. 8 or no. 23 is convenient to the Ala Moana Center.

The bus No. 8 or 23 or 24 → 57 or 57A → 70


The bus No. 8
Route name : Route 8
West bound : Ala Moana Center
East bound : Waikiki Beach and Hotels
Time table

The bus No. 23
Route name : Route 23
West bound : Waikiki Ala Moana Center
East bound : Hawaii Kai-Sea Life Park | Hawaii Kai-Kalama Valley | Aina Haina | Kahala Mall
Time table

The bus No. 24
Route name : Route 24
West bound : Kahala Mall Ala | Moana via Kapahulu-UH-Waikiki | Kapahulu
East bound : Upper Aina Haina
Time table

At the Ala Moana Center, change to the No. 57 or No. 57 A bus, go to Kailua town and change to the No. 70 bus.

The bus No. 57/57A
Route name : Route 57/57A
West bound : Kailua-Sea Life Park | Kailua-Waimanalo | Kailua-Keolu Drive
East bound : Honolulu-Ala Moana Center | Downtown-Bishop Street | Kailua Town
Time required : 40 minutes from Ala Moana Center to Kailua
Time table

Let’s take a bus No. 70 “LANIKAI” I’m going to come. Not even 70 “MAUNAWILI” to and “MAUNAWILI VIA MCBH” go opposite direction so caution is required.

The bus No. 70
Route name : Route 70
West bound : Maunawili | Maunawili via MCBH
East bound : Lanikai
Time table


The way to go by car

From Waikiki, take the H1 headed west, then take the Pali Highway (61) to Kailua. Take a right at Kailua Rd., merge left, and then turn right onto Lihiwai Rd. until it turns into Kawaiola Rd. Left into Alala Rd., which turns into Mokulua Drive, which loops around into Aalapapa Dr. Follow as it loops around into Mokumanu Dr., and on the ocean side of that road is where the beach access points are. Start to look for parking as soon as you locate Kawailoa Rd. A more secluded beach area can be found at the Kuailima Dr. access area.




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