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Arizona is one of the most unique states in the US and it contains many notable tourist attractions from the Grand Canyon to the Tucson Airplane Boneyard. But did you know that Arizona is now also the home of the famous London Bridge? Yes, the legendary bridge that is immortalized through nursery rhymes, built in the mid-1800s and used to cross the River Thames in England’s capital over 5,400 miles away past the Continental United States and the Atlantic Ocean, now resides in the Mojave Desert at Lake Havasu. But how did the London Bridge end up in the American Southwest? The story behind this old bridge is one that is both strange and fascinating, and also one that involves many other factors such as the effect of automobiles on architecture, eccentric billionaires, ghost stories and even small towns that were built cities from the ground up. So without further ado, let’s dive into the history of how London Bridge ended up in Arizona.

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