Boarding ANA’s Premium Class✈️The Most Luxurious Seat on ANA Domestic Flights | Tokyo/Haneda – Akita – lanikai-beach

ANA:All Nippon Airways
Today's Flight
Flight number: ANA405
Segment: Departure from Tokyo/Haneda – Arrival in Akita
Flight time: 14:15 – 15:20
Seat number: 1K
Fare: (¥17,870) ($120.83) Price may increase depending on itinerary
This reservation is based on ANA SUPER VALUE PREMIUM 28
You can purchase premium class tickets at a discount price if you book up to 28 days in advance.
ANA domestic flights have two types of seats: regular and premium class

Advantages of Premium Class
👍Customers can proceed at the dedicated Premium Class counter at the airport
👍Baggage can be checked up to 40 kg
👍Availability of Premium Class exclusive security checkpoints when departing from New Chitose Airport, Haneda Airport Terminal 2, Itami Airport and Fukuoka Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building
👍In addition to the Premium Class passenger, up to one accompanying passenger may use the ANA LOUNGE.
👍Priority boarding following pregnant passengers and passengers requiring assistance when boarding
👍Premium class seat Seat spacing: approx. 127 cm
Electric seats with freely adjustable reclining, leg and foot rests
👍Special meals and beverages provided on board
Upon arrival, you will be given priority to disembark and retrieve your baggage.

0:00 Opening
0:37 Arrival at Haneda Airport No. 1 in the world's cleanest airport ranking for 7 years in a row!
1:29 ANA Boarding Procedures

4:39 Lucky! Move to the bus stop for the “Satellite” bus to the outlying islands of Haneda Airport.
6:16 Coupon only for upper class passengers using Satellite! Purchase Haneda Airport original handkerchief (Imabari Towel)
8:00 Boarding Premium Seat Introduction
11:27 Take off!
12:20 Drinks and snacks available only in Premium Class
16:03 Super lucky! We found a rainbow!
16:30 Autumn leaves and mountain fog
17:05 Arrival at Akita Airport

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