Reflection & Regrowth: Anniversary of the 2018 Kīlauea Eruption (Ep.1) – lanikai-beach

Five years ago , Kīlauea showcased its power when the Lower East Rift Zone erupted in Leilani Estates, forever changing the landscape and lives of those around Puna, from Kapoho to Volcano Village.

To mark this anniversary, we'll be LIVE streaming the first installment of a video series on the struggles and recovery from the historic eruption, in collaboration with Pōhaku Pelemaka, Kealoha Estate, and the support of the County of Hawaiʻi.

Join us as community members drop by to share their stories, some about the eruption and others about the journey since it ended.

Don't miss this opportunity to reflect, remember, and commemorate our community's resilience.

#Kilauea2018 #Kilauea

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