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The Kilauea volcano Hawaii started a new eruption on June 7th of 2023, earlier this morning. This eruption initially produced a nearly 500 foot high lava fountain, but this height quickly subsided. In the last several hours, of thousands of cubic meters of lava have been emitted which have covered an estimated 1 square kilometer of the crater floor. So, are any towns currently at risk? How long will the eruption last? This video will answer these two questions, and discuss what is likely to happen next as this Hawaiian island volcano.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Image/frame grab from a video by U.S. Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Public Domain, This image was then overlaid with text, and overlaid with GeologyHub made graphics (the GeologyHub logo and the image border).

Kilauea live cam:

Vog effects:

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[1] U.S. Geological Survey
[2] Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
[3] VEIs, dates/years, composition, tephra layer name, DRE estimates, and bulk tephra volume estimates for volcanic eruptions shown in this video which were assigned a VEI 4 or larger without an asterisk after their name are sourced from the LaMEVE database (British Geological Survey © UKRI),, Used with Permission
[4] Source of Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) methodology and criteria: Newhall, C. G., and Self, S. (1982), The volcanic explosivity index (VEI) an estimate of explosive magnitude for historical volcanism, J. Geophys. Res., 87(C2), 1231–1238, doi:10.1029/JC087iC02p01231. Accessed / Read by on Oct 5th, 2022.

0:00 Kilauea Erupts
1:35 Size of the Eruption
2:16 Vog
2:56 Analysis
3:57 Conclusion

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