Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update; A New Eruption Occurs, 4,000 Foot Long Fissure – lanikai-beach

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii started a new eruption on September 10th of 2023, producing numerous lava fountains along a 4100 foot long fissure. Due to the location it is occurring at, this eruption has the potential to offer the best viewing possibilities of a summit eruption of the last decade! As of 12 hours after the eruption's onset, than a square kilometer has been covered in a layer of lava. So, is this eruption likely to migrate into a rift zone? How long will the eruption last? This video will answer these two questions, discuss what is likely to happen next as this Hawaiian island volcano.

A special thanks to Two Pineapples for granting me permission to use his footage. He regularly livestreams Kilauea's eruptions via his channel at (channel link). Go check him out!

Thumbnail Photo Credit: J. Schmith, U.S. Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Public Domain, This image was then overlaid with text, and then overlaid with GeologyHub made graphics (the image border & the GeologyHub logo).

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[1] U.S. Geological Survey
[2] Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
[3] National Parks Service,

0:00 Kilauea Erupts
0:57 Viewing Areas
1:30 A Filling Caldera

3:01 Speculation

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