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Water life; however, be mindful of bodies of water, especially when you’re alone. ~ ~ ~ Lopaka Kapanui’s http://Mysteries-of-Hawaii.com is Hawaii’s Original Ghost Tours and Chicken Skin Tours. Established in 1997 as a part of Glen Grant’s famous Haunted Hawaiian tours, helping to set the stage for all other ghost tours on Oahu and across the Hawaiian Islands. The realest, most exciting Historical and Haunted Tours of Hawaii.

Before becoming a world-class destination, before ghost tours, before outside visitors… the islands of Hawai‘i were steeped in oral traditions of shape shifting beings in the upland forests or waterfalls which were inhabited by a translucent force that dragged young men into their dark depths in order to suck the spiritual life out of them. Even King Kamehameha found necessary to appease the very gods themselves in order to secure victory in his campaign to bring the Hawaiian archipelago under one rule.

Master storyteller, Lopaka Kapanui, brings to life the feared Nightmarchers, the goddess Pele, Menehune, e‘epa, mo‘o and more. But… Hawaiian deities and spirits aren’t the only things residing in this island paradise. Here also where the Japanese demons, the inu-gami, are sent to ruin the lives of unsuspecting families. Here where the Filipino vampire-like creature, the aswang, roams in search of her next victim. And here is where the Portuguese witch, the feiteceira, spins her spells and curses at her whim. Rich in culture and traditions, these islands are overflowing with stories of ghosts and hauntings, creatures and curses. Lopaka is the keeper of these stories.

Beyond the cool, blue waters and balmy trade winds of our idealistic paradise the thin veil which separates our world from the where shadows talk back. Spirits, Ghosts, Legends, Facts… Experience the Hawaii most don’t see everyday.

For more information about The Ghost Guy, Lopaka Kapanui, & the legends and ghost stories in Hawaii, visit his website, http://mysteries-of-hawaii.com.

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