Aerial video shows Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano forming lava lake – lanikai-beach


U.S. Geological Survey captured aerial footage of lava spewing from the Kilauea volcano’s crater into a growing lava lake on Dec. 23.

volcano, which is located on Hawaii’s Big Island, shows two active fissures spilling lava into a lake which scientist’s say in 577 metres deep.

Residents have been warned of “deadly consequences” of entering closed areas site according to officials.

volcano erupted on Dec. 20, according to an advisory from the U.S. Geological Survey, followed by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake, that struck volcano’s south flank.

It was the most activity seen the volcano since 2018, when a of earthquakes and explosive eruptions at the summit over several months forced evacuations. Hundreds of homes were destroyed in lava flows.


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