Tourists Running (Nov 18,2021) Volcano Kīlauea Ejects Fountains of Hot Lava from Crater’s West Wall – lanikai-beach

Mount Kīlauea Ejects Fountains of Hot from Crater’s West Wall

KILAUEA has reawakened, according to recent reports from Hawaiian authorities. Is Kilauea volcano erupting?

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has noted a surge in activity at Kilauea volcano. The activity comes following a brief decline this week. So far, however, the recent uptick has not concerned the USGS, although hazards remain.

Kilauea volcano graced headlines in August 2018 when it blew its top decades of inactivity. For more than a week, it poured metric tonnes of over Hawaii’s Big Island, setting the nearby landscape on fire for miles.

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