Surfing NJ, CA & Hawaii in the SAME Day! w/ Jamie Obrien -

When I came up with this idea a few years ago I honestly thought that it impossible. I at least thought I’d ever have the means to pull it off, it was truly just a dream. However, over the last few years I talked about it enough to bring it into fruition & THANK YOU for Red Bull for bringing this project to life! Surfing New Jersey, California & Hawaii in the same day is about as far as you can push time travel to it’s limit. Please enjoy & THANK YOU for the stoke & support FOR THE DREAM!!! – Ben

Filmed by –
JT Serrao
Jon Jon Wiener
Jordan Verni

Additional Footage –
Jacob T Moss
Billy Martin

Special Thanks –
Red Bull
Zach Hibbs
David Delooper
Hunter Jones
Rob Kelly
Eric Koston
Jamie Obrien

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Music in this VLOG:

AzucaresFLACOAutohackerYellow LeafRambutanCloudy DreamsPastisCastle To Ruin (Instrumental Version)Christoffer Moe DitlevsenFull MomentumFelix Johansson CarneWanna KnoBrendon MoellerDub CaravanRune DaleLast Letter SentBrendon MoellerPlumblineMolifeAbout Yesterday

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