Surfing Beautiful Waimea Bay (Jan 12, 2023) 4K -

This is the day after the The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational had been called off due to poor wind conditions at Waimea Bay. The weather and conditions had improved dramatically and even though the size was declining, every photographer we ran into said that is was a much better day to shoot Waimea Bay surfing then the previous day. Surfline surf report forecasted 20-25ft faces on this day. You will notice plenty of women surfing out there too. The Red Bull Queen of the Bay was also running the first all-women, big-wave surf event featuring 30 of the world's best women surfers at the iconic wave of Waimea Bay.

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We purposely don't name surfers in the edit because there's no room for mistakes and people complain when you don't name everyone so we will list them in the description as they come.

Music by Hampus Naeselius and Bonnie Grace

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Social Media Etiquette:
If you use a photographer's media without their knowledge and don't tag them or give them the credit they deserve, that's stealing and f'ed up. Be grateful for your clips and do the right thing.

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