Ala Moana Bowls (May 3, 2023) First Real SW Swell! 4K -

There was a lot of hype over this “First real SW swell of the 2023 South Shore Season (SSW-S)” as we watched Teahupo'o 3,080 Southwest of Hawaii absolutely firing 4 days before. Surfline had updated their surf report forecast showing 5-7ft faces for Wednesday and Thursday on Oahu's South Shore. Even though Waikiki was firing by afternoon, bowls was a blown out mess! All of that started to change around 5:30pm as the wind died down giving Bowls a smoother shape. All of the boys were hungry for some South Shore action including a number of pros who mixed in with the local regulars in the line up.

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To watch this surf session shot from with a telephoto lens with no music check out our friend Ramone's video from Oahu Surf Films:

Mother showing a pattern here?!
– Same thing happened with 2023 Big Jan 22nd Waimea Swell
“Exactly one year ago to the date, Hawaii experienced it's First Real Big 2022 SW Swell”
We documented it from the water to the air, Check it out:

The BIG SSW Swell (May 3, 2022) @ Bowls w/ Jamie O'Brien 4K

Surfing Ala Moana Bowls POV (May 2, 2022) 4K

We don't know everyone out there getting nice rides in this video so please… 🙏🏽 feel free to give us a name and time and we'll include them in this description time stamp section like what we did with the Eddie video.

Time Stamps
NS – North Shore
1:03 Chesney Guinotte (NS, Oahu)
1:28 Cliff Kapono (Hilo, HI)
1:59 Matteus Santos (East Oahu)
3:00 Kekoa Cazimero (East Oahu)
7:20 (Honolulu, HI)

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