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hello hi everyone! Wesley here. Today we’re diving back into our series dedicated to Hawaiian comfort food classics with a shot at the Portuguese donut known as a “malasada,” found very commonly all throughout Hawaiian dessert cuisine. For those unfamiliar, a malasada is a milk and yeast based dough ball that is deepfried, coated sugar, and optionally filled with a custard, chocolate, haupia, or any number fillings. The incorporation of leavening ingredients our dough give the malasada an airy and fluffy texture to it (today, this will be achieved with eggs and dry active yeast), thanks to the ample rise that these two ingredients contribute during our proof as well as our fry. for our version today, we’ll also be pairing this with a few tricks that come from bread baking by using a bit of bread flour and wheat flour to also simultaneously give our malasada a nice chewy bite to it as well. Hope you try it.

Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao1QvsDchi8

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