How To Make Loco Moco Easy Way | Hawaiian Gravy Burger on Rice | Costco’s Impossible Burger Patty -

How To Make Loco Moco Easy Way | Hawaiian Burger on Rice | Costco's Impossible Burger Patty

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Today we are making one of Hawaii's classic dish, Loco Moco. Basically it is rice, hamburger patty, gravy, and egg. Simple, right? this recipe is even more simpler because we're using the Impossible Burger Patty we bought from the Costco. And it's plant based and tastes just as good as ground beef patties.

What you'll need:
Butter 2T
Onion 1
Green onions
Cooked white rice
Frozen patties
Worcestershire sauce 1T
Black pepper
Beef stock 1 cup
Soy sauce 1/2T
Ketchup 1T
Potato starch 1T
Sugar 1T
Garlic 4 cloves

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