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loco , a humble dish from hawaii there are many variations but this is my take on it 😫


1. 1x onion
2. 450g mushrooms
3. 800ml beef stock
4. corn starch slurry (equal part corn flour + water)
5. soy sauce
6. ketchup

1. 500g pork mince
2. 500g beef mince
3. 4 tbsp soy sauce
4. white pepper
5. salt

1. egg
2. rice
3. spring onion


1. mix patty mix with all seasoning and let rest for 15
2. shape to form thick patties
3. sear and finish in oven

1. cut onions and mushrooms finely
2. sweat until most of the water evaporates off
3. add in beef stock
4. seasoned with soy sauce, ketchup and salt
5. mix in slurry until consistency becomes thicc

1. serve white rice
2. add in patty
3. add in sauce
4. add in fried egg
5. garnish w spring onions

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