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How to skip the LONG lines at Leonards Bakery in Oahu, Hawaii! Leonard's is an iconic bakery just outside Waikiki and introduced the donut in the 1950s. It's an extremely popular local breakfast stop, and the line usually wraps around the corner. In this episode, we will you all the details about Leonard's Bakery and the secret to getting those mouth- malasadas without waiting in line! Have you ever had a malasada? Subscribe for more American Travel Family adventures! Aloha!

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*We are the Morrisons*
We have a big confession!!!! We are 100% to traveling 😂 an airline pilot family of 4, people have always asked us where we like to travel with our 2 teenagers. And more importantly, where should they take their next family vacation? In 2020 we started documenting our travels on YouTube to answer that question and help families like you! So…sit back, relax, and let's explore together!

*Matt (Dad)* – Retired F-16 FIGHTER PILOT, CAPTAIN for a MAJOR U.S. AIRLINE, and an FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Operator.
*Brooke (Mom)* – Our local social media pro and adventure enthusiast with a zest for living life.
*Parker (age 15)* – History buff and actor who competes internationally with DECA in “Principals of Hotel and Restaurant .”
*McKenzie (age 13)* – Our family's comedian who loves competitive dancing, animals, writing, and roller coasters.

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00:00 Start
00:10 What is a Malasada Donut
00:31 Where is Leonard's Bakery
00:49 Leonard's Bakery lines
01:13 least crowded time
01:46 Where to park
02:03 Leonard's Bakery hours
02:29 Leonard's Bakery menu
02:48 When does it get busy at Leonard's Bakery?
03:00 Where to pick up malasadas
03:15 Arrive before 7am to avoid long lines
03:49 Malasada taste test
05:01 Have you ever tried a malasada?
05:44 End

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