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While staying in Wailuku, we had a chance to try a local institution Tasty Crust that was featured in an Episode of Anthony Bourdain's travel show Parts Unknown where he had a plate lunch.

Trips is having a mini version of the plate lunch. A single moco – burger patty, gravy on a scoop of rice and topped with an egg!

the most delicious loco moco we've tried but definitely a good local spot to check . A visit here gives you a great idea of what a diner like this means to the neighborhood and you can see why it's a fixture in Wailuku.

Being honest about it, the only reason that Feasts wanted to go here was because one of her heroes did a few years ago. Indeed, she tried her best to sit in the exact same seat where he — Anthony Bourdain — did. The food was so-so and not exactly healthy. But if you're in the mood to try something local on Maui, then this restaurant might work for you (but then again not).

p.s. Anyone know what Moco means? Crazy what?

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