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Leonard's Bakery is a beloved bakery located in Honolulu, Hawaii, known for its delicious Portuguese malasadas and other sweet treats. Here are five facts about Leonard's Bakery:

Portuguese Influence: Leonard's Bakery was founded by Leonard and Margaret Rego in 1952. The Regos were of Portuguese descent, and they brought the tradition of making malasadas to Hawaii. Malasadas are a type of deep-fried doughnut without a hole, typically coated in sugar and sometimes filled with various fillings.

Malasadas: Leonard's Bakery is most famous for its malasadas. These soft, pillowy pastries come in various flavors, including the classic sugar-coated, cinnamon-sugar, and filled varieties like custard, chocolate, and haupia (coconut). They are a popular treat for both locals and tourists.

Iconic Pink Boxes: Leonard's Bakery is known for its pink pastry boxes. The distinctive pink color has become a symbol of the bakery, and you can often spot tourists carrying these boxes as they enjoy their malasadas around Oahu.

Expansion: While the original Leonard's Bakery is located in the Kapahulu neighborhood of Honolulu, the bakery has expanded over the years. It opened additional locations on the island of Oahu, making it more convenient for visitors to savor their famous malasadas.

Local Tradition: Leonard's Bakery has become a cherished part of the local food scene in Hawaii. It's not just a bakery but a cultural institution that has been serving up delicious Portuguese pastries for generations. Visitors to Hawaii often make it a point to stop by Leonard's Bakery to try their malasadas and experience a taste of the islands.

Leonard's Bakery's malasadas are a sweet and satisfying treat that has left a lasting impression on both locals and tourists, making it a must-visit destination for those with a sweet tooth in Hawaii.

Disclaimer: This video and review is for entertainment purposes only. We are not paid or sponsored to give our opinion. Visiting this place is at the viewers discretion. The opinion give is solely our perspective and we do not guarantee you will feel the same.

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