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Hawaii's Funniest Food 🇺🇲 Addams – Addams Family

In this hilarious YouTube Shorts cartoon animation, Wednesday Addams takes question: What is the funniest food in Hawaii?

As she ponders the question, a series of absurd and comical Hawaiian foods flash across the screen, each one more ridiculous than the last.

Spam musubi with googly eyes

Pineapple pizza with a frowny face

Loco moco with a mohawk made of gravy

Malasadas filled with whipped cream and sprinkles

Wednesday deadpans her way through the options, offering her own unique take on each one.

In the end, she declares that the funniest food in Hawaii is…

…a rubber chicken!


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Spam musubi

Pineapple pizza

Loco moco


Rubber chicken













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