Hawaiian Food – Loco Moco Recipe with Spam (or Beef Hamburger Patties too) [4K ASMR] - lanikai-beach.net

Hawaiian Food – Loco Moco Recipe with Spam (or Beef Hamburger Patties too) [4K ASMR]

Featured in this video:
Hawaiian Loco Moco Recipe with Spam
Hawaiian food/lunch

Gravy Sauce:
1/4-1/3 onion diced
1 minced garlic clove
1.5tsp sugar (optional)
1tbs cornstarch
1 cup of beef or chicken stock/broth
1tbs soy sauce
1tsp Worcestershire sauce
Couple drops of sesame oil
1-2tsp ketchup, and/or Bulldog tonkatsu/katsu sauce (optional)
1tsp oyster sauce (optional)
MaeKrua Thai brand oyster sauce the best, imo
Splash of Japanese sake to deglaze pan (optional)

Green onions
Aonori, Japanese dried green laver/seaweed flakes/powder (optional)
Sesame seeds (optional)
2 sunny-side-up fried eggs
Cooked white Jasmine rice

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