Making Mochi waffles and pancakes with Mochi Foods Hawaii -

’s award-winning mix is used by renowned executive and pastry chefs throughout the US and around the world as a product that stands on its own or as the base for their own Mochi signature creations.
All of the Mochi Foods Hawaii products have a unique mochi taste and Q texture that were developed by an acclaimed Taiwanese food scientist team. The “Q” factor is Taiwan’s version of the Italian “al dente,” representing the perfectly calibrated “mouth feel,” sought after and craved by savvy chefs and diners alike.

Each of Mochi Foods Hawaii’s product lines are developed from scratch by sourcing the best ingredients [including #16 rice] and processed by combining traditional recipes and innovative microscopic and macroscopic structure of manufacture to arrive at the perfect taste and soft, springy texture, modified for each mix category.

Mochi Foods Hawaii’s unique, chewy texture and flavorful taste is now available in bread, donut, pancake, waffle, and bubble waffle mix. These products uphold the high standards of authenticity and quality the Mochi Foods Hawaii has become known for.

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