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Other than Japan, there’s no other place we’d rather live than Hawaii. Yes it’s Paradise but sometimes we forget the beauty that surrounds us because we have to work so much! But today we decided to go for much needed walk.

We’ve always driven by Cafe Morey’s but never actually ate here until now! It’s such a cute little spot with a bright eye catching painted interior & open air seating.

The menu is varied enough to satisfy any picky eater with an assortment of egg items, pancakes, fried rice & your local plate lunch favorites. We decided to order the Maki Special which consists of fried rice, eggs, shrimp, poke & a small cesar salad & we couldn’t resist the lilikoi pineapple pancakes 😋 it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!! We love anything lilikoi so the lilikoi cream drowning these pancakes just hit the SWEET spot. oh everything was so ono (aka delicious!)

They were also right about the fried rice, ‘No Fried rice, no life!’ 😂 the fried rice was so good we will definitely be back again. and of course when you go on a long walk you need a place to stop for a rest right?!?

Have you to @cafemoreys ? ’s your favorite thing to order there?


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