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After getting dropped off from the airport our car rental address, we looked down the list of our eating places and saw that a few spots were a few minutes away from each on the same street, near our car pickup spot! Then we just continued our day until check-in the Ala Moana Hotel and headed to the Ala Moana Mall connected to the hotel for a mai tai.

1) Ono Seafood
2) Leonard’ Bakery
3) Waiola Ice
4) Lin’s Lei Shop in Chinatown
5) Ala Moana Hotel for check-in
6) Ala Moana Center/ Mall & Mai Tai Bar
7) Walk Ala Moana Park

I wanted to give ya’ll a little bit more info. on how we got the car because I though it was pretty cool that we ended up being able to still book a car AND it was directly from a person who lives there! We rented it from the app TURO, which literally is like AirBnB but for cars. So that also made it easier to understand things bc navigating through apps is fairly easy for people our generation lol and I didn’t have to stress out with paperwork contract stuff & in an office an agency…. Yes, you are still on a contractual situation through TURO, but like it it was done the way we do things – pressing buttons on my phone 😜😅

Here’s the link to the exact car that we got !

Check out this car on Turo! https://turo.com/us/en/truck-rental/united-states/-hi/nissan/frontier/1000550

OH YEA, so before you turn in the car, you need to fill it with gas and give it a wash; which we didn’t care for all because this allowed us to save some money and it’s really all about perspectives here, people! 👍🏽 😌

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