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After getting dropped off from the airport our car rental address, we looked down the list of our eating places and saw that a few spots were a few minutes away from each other on the same street, near our car pickup spot! Then we just continued our day until check-in at the Ala Moana Hotel and headed to the Ala Moana Mall connected to the hotel for a mai tai.

1) Ono Seafood
2) Leonard' Bakery
3) Waiola Shave Ice
4) Lin's Shop in Chinatown
5) Ala Moana Hotel for check-in

7) Walk at Ala Moana Park

Here's the link to the exact car that we got !

Check out this car on Turo! https://turo.com/us/en/truck-rental/united-states/honolulu-hi/nissan/frontier/1000550

OH YEA, so before you turn in the car, you need to fill it with gas and give it a wash; which we didn't care for at all because this allowed us to save some money and it's really all about perspectives here, people! 👍🏽 😌

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