In Video we Go to H20 water sports Hawai’I at 377 Keahole St suite e 103, Honolulu, HI 96825, H2O Sports Hawaii offers a variety of water sports activities for the family in Honolulu. You Can choose from parasailing, H2O jetpack, banana boat, bumper tube, jet ski, and many more, or combine them to maximize your fun. They are Hawaii’s largest watersport company, with very friendly, accommodating and multi-lingual staff and more activities under one roof than any other watersport provider on Hawaii. In this Video we tried their parasailing activity where you are hoisted up in the air in a parasail, connected by Boat. You will experience being up in the air for more than 400 feet, swayed by the wind and appreciating the true blue/turquoise waters of Honolulu, and the islands and mountains around the sea. This was truly an exhilarating experience to be experienced with the family

Next We eat at Leonards Bakery Hawaii’s original malasada™ bakery at 933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Leonards bakery is one of the famous bakery serving up Malasadas. A malasada is a Portugese doughnut without a hole. They fry generously-sized balls of dough until it’s golden brown on the outside and light & fluffy on the inside. And I tell you guys when they say its really fluffy, it really is soft and very fluffy.
In June 1882 Arsenio and Amelia DoRego arrived from San Miguel Island, Portugal to Maui, Hawai’i under contract to work the sugar cane fields. 33 years later, their grandson Leonard was born. Leonard and his wife Margaret moved to Honolulu in 1946 with their daughter Diane, aged 8. Leonard worked at Snowflake Bakery until he founded Leonard’s Bakery℠ in 1952. They started making malasadas as part of the Portugese tradition for Shrove Tuesday back in 1953. Now, they bake them continuously everyday. And as they say in Hawai’I All of our malasadas are made with their special dough using the finest ingredients. ʻOno as they say in Hawaii.

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