Hawaii Local Food You Need To Try | Hawaii Food Tour Part 1 By Christine In Hawaii - lanikai-beach.net

Hi Everyone! Been dreaming of doing this video for a long time and though I have so much room to improve, I'm pleased to present my first Hawaii Food Tour!!!!

In this video, I'm feature FIVE local food here in Hawaii that I'm sure you will love.

1. Loco Moco from Nico's
2. Spam Musubi s from 7-11 and Musubi Cafe
3. Poke from Tamura's ( Spicy Ahi and Hamachi)
4. Boneless Chicken from Rainbow Inn
5. Malasada's from Leonard's Bakery

are our personal favorites and they are food we truly recommend.

There are still a lot of food to cover, so let me know if you like this content by commenting below.

I hope you will enjoy this video!

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