IN this last video of the series, We relax for this day and take it easy, after 1 week in Hawaii, we decided to take it easy and celebrate with one of my aunts closest friends. First we start our day by eating a local Hawai'an LOCO MOCO. Loco Moco is a dish featured in contemporary Hawaiian cuisine. There are many variations, but the traditional loco moco consists of , topped with a hamburger, a fried egg, and gravy. Variations include bacon, ham, Spam, tofu, kalua pork, Portuguese sausage, teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, mahi-mahi, shrimp, oysters, and other meats.

Next we got cordially invited to celebrate and eat with one of my aunts closest friends in Hawaii. They were very generous to invite us in their home and feed us Authentic Filipino Food (Ilocano Food in particular). Ilocano is a dialect spoken in the Ilocos Region of the Philippines, and Is a distinct culinary style of cooking. So today we eat Ilocano and Hawaiian food and this is a very delicious sendoff before we say a temporary goodbye to Hawaii.

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