Leah’s First Malasada! – @itsJudysLife - lanikai-beach.net

We had to have some malasadas before we left Hawaii!

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I'm a beauty lover turned Mommy Vlogger. Welcome to our family vlogs here on ItsJudysLife. I like to call this channel our daily video ! You'll find cute baby videos my baby bears Julianna, Miya, Keira, and Leah and our fun family adventures!

Wedding Series here! http://bit.ly/15pEBz7
Birth of Julianna- https://youtu.be/hZsZs5O0OAM
Birth of Miya and Keira https://youtu.be/7hBibFM1am8
Birth of Leah https://youtu.be/6jeLa8Cb3ZA
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