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This was my first food challenge in the of Hawaii I took this challenge mid-August of 2021. The food was absolutely delicious, and I can now brag about taking on a food challenge in Hawaii! Yay!

This Loco Moco Food Challenge is set at $35 if the bowl is not clean within 45 minutes, the meal is free with an awesome T-shirt if the feat is completed! This meal consists of 8 softball sized scoops of rice, covered with 4 half pound burger patties, 8 sunny side- eggs, and their delicious loco moco gravy sauce!! Yum!

Big special thank you to all the wonderful staff @ Tante’s Island Cuisine!! And shout-out to my supportive crew: Alice, Andy, Cindy, Mario! The experience and fun this dynamic and environment created made this a highlight to my Hawaii trip, and a moment for enjoy re-watching again and again.

This is my 4th food challenge attempted in my food challenge career! Let’s see how I do with this one!

Tante’s Island Cuisine @ Kahului, HI:

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