LOCAL FAVORITE BREAKFAST in Honolulu! || [Ala Moana, Oahu, Hawaii] Dutch Baby, Loco Moco! - lanikai-beach.net

ALOHA🌺 We are sharing with you a local favorite brunch & breakfast spot located in Honolulu (more specifically Ala Moana area of Oahu, Hawaii!) They are known for their specialty items such as Loco Moco, Dutch Baby, apple pancakes and their crazy affordability!

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🍴Original Pancake House: https://.originalpancakehousehawaii.com/

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✨About us✨

We are Amanda and Felix. We are a born and raised Hawaii based local couple who loves to eat and explore 🌎 !
Please subscribe for endless food and travel adventures. You’ll get an inside look at what its like to live, eat, and adventure in Hawaii! We hope to educate and inspire you to travel and adventure too! Come along with us on this journey and see the world through our eyes!


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LOCAL FAVORITE BREAKFAST in Honolulu! || [Ala Moana, Oahu, Hawaii] Dutch Baby, Loco Moco!

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