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Hau’oli – kumu of Hau’oli Hula Studio in Fujisawa, Kamakura, Ofuna, Shichirigahama and Shinjuku – performs “ Hawai’i” by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger during the Halau Ho’ike 2008.
This more jazzy version of the song has been recorded by our friend Bobby Yabe.
Robin and Rainger were staff composers with Paramount Pictures. They composed this song for the 1937 movie “Waikîkî Wedding” starring Bing Crosby. It gained popularity again, in 1961, when Elvis Presley used it as the title song for one of his most successful movies.

Perfume in the air and rare flowers everywhere
And white shadows we could share at Waikîkî
A sky full of stars and soft far away guitars
It seems to be only a reverie

Night and you and blue Hawai`i
The night is heavenly
And you are heaven to me

Lovely you and blue Hawai`i
With all this loveliness
There should be love

Come with me while the moon is on the sea
The night is young and so are we

Dreams come true in blue Hawai`i
And mine could all come true
This magic night of nights with you

The first verse is not sung in this version.
© 2008 by Hau’oli Hula Studio

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