Marc Gallagher-Noho Pai Pai (Hawaiian Traditional Ukulele Cover with Peter Luongo) -

I met the wonderful Peter Luongo several years ago at GNUF – a Grand Northern Ukulele Festival he has always had time for me and nuggets of expertise on ukulele and especially on teaching. I’ve been attempting get this collaboration in for YEARS but Peter’s schedule has been so full that it wasn’t until his travel recovery day that I was able to pinch an hour or so of his time to make some magic in the form of this Hawaiian traditional tune.

uke by Pono Ko’olau Ukuleles

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Ever since figuring out the Crazy Frog Theme on piano at the age of 12, Marc Gallagher has always seen the quirky side of music. With upbringing of Queen and NOW CDs, Marc’s blend of Pop-Folk originals and quirky covers have seen him play gigs and festivals in 11 countries. Marc uses Pono Ukuleles, MiSi Pickups and Ear Trumpet Labs Microphones.

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