52nd Ukulele Festival Hawaii – Workshop Day July 10 2022 - lanikai-beach.net

Honolulu, HI 2021. Welcome to the 52 Annual Ukulele Festival Hawaii – Day! 
Live Streaming from the Ala Hotel at 9:30AM Hawaii Standard Time. 
Mahalo to our title sponsor Tony Group.

Ukulele Festival Hawaii’s mission to spread laughter, love, and hope to all children and adults of Hawai’i and the world through the music of ‘ukulele, and what way to spread this message than hosting a Virtual Day! Join us from anywhere in the world for four fun mini workshops with Roy Sakuma, Herb Ohta Jr., Hopkins, and Lauren Baba.  Throughout  the day we’ll also showcase the history of Ukulele Festival Hawaii.

The ’s digital packets are now available for free at www.ukulelefestivalhawaii.org/ufhworkshopday

Visit www.ukulelefestivalhawaii.org for more information.

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